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My name is Rebeca and since I was very young, I have always had a passion for art. As is often the case after having children, life has a way of taking over. Suddenly, you’re doing less of what you once loved and instead are focused with filling your kid’s buckets with love and knowledge and fostering their creativity.

My schooling and professional career focused on Fashion Design and Costuming. For over a decade I worked on projects of all kinds for clients worldwide. Tribe House Creations takes me back to my roots! This time with the whole family backing me up!

My original art and handmade jewelry is very much inspired by my lifestyle and interests. I also greatly appreciate the impact that natural plant medicine has had on my life. Happy MMJ patient since 2019 🍃 and Mental Health advocate 💚.​​

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Phone: (407) 900-8314

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